Despite the famously fickle weather of the German capital unjustly nicknamed “the grey city“, N. could not have had better luck on the day of his secret proposal in Berlin.

It was a luminous spring day in Friedrichshain and the weather was a balmy 18-20 degrees. The afternoon sun was flickering through the bright green tree leaves and water drops were glistening in the Fairy Tale fountains. It was magical.


Most of the people in the park were either sun-bathing next to the duck pond or enjoying the first beer of the May afternoon at the Biergarten nearby. Birds were chirping, children were hollering, bike bells were jingle-jangling.

Out there, in the bushes, a creature lurked (that’s me!), waiting for the game.

And the game was on.

I had met N. on the previous day, to discuss all the details of his secret proposal in Berlin, where K. was on a job assignment and he thought about surprising her not only with a visit, but with a proposal too.

Everything was set and rehearsed, he knew where to stop in order for me to get the best angle, and where I was casually hiding in the bushes (if one can casually pretend the two diagonally strapped cameras with tele lenses are for bird spotting, not for some different creepy reason).

And the final cue was a selfie in front of the small fountain.

She said yes, can you tell? :)


After allowing them a couple of minutes to cool off a little bit the very emotional moment, we carried on with a quick photo session to remind them of the secret proposal in Berlin.

Congratulations, N. & K. !