Please enjoy these images from a lovely wedding ceremony which took place at the Schöneberg Standesamt in Berlin, followed by photosessions in two parks and a funky hotel and complete with a wedding party next to the iconic Oberbaumbrücke, overlooking the Spree.

The intimate ceremony took place in the historical 100-year-old wedding room of the of the former City Hall of West Berlin (Rathaus Schöneberg), in front of which JFK held his well known “Ich bin ein Berliner“ speech.

As a nice touch, Schöneberg Registry Office allows the newlyweds to stamp their own marriage certificate.

One of the most popular German wedding traditions is to paint a heart on a white sheet, which must be cut with (blunt) nail scissors by the newlyweds. It represents the first obstacle they have to overcome together. Of course, it usually becomes a contest of who cuts faster, and the winner must carry the other one through the hole! Just kidding, it’s only the groom’s duty, and most of the times they just walk through together, as a symbol of their first step into the marriage.

The best top view over the iconic Oberbaumbrücke and over the Spree is most definitely from the funky nhow Hotel in Friedrichshain.

While the best close up view of the Oberbaumbrücke is on the terrace of the lovely Spreespeicher Events.

Congratulations, K. and C.!