This past autumn I had the opportunity to join for a while a funky bachelorette party in Berlin and I would like to start the new year with their positive energy and liveliness. In a new blog post!

Hi, Cristina, this is E. We’re throwing a surprise bachelorette party-slash-city break for our friend, B., who is getting married soon, and we’d like some photos as a souvenir of our time in Berlin.

I must say, I love bachelorette parties. They start tentatively - so what are we actually supposed to do now? Is there a check list to follow? Some guidelines? Maybe an official attire? What is a proper time to start drinking? And more often than not, they quickly change into a crazy frenzy, turning heads on the streets.

My friendly French bachelorette party came with their party selves already turned on, and we had a lot of fun during their photo shoot.


I was told B., the bride-to-be, liked street art and cool underground places. So we went to the East Side Gallery, an ever-changing 1-km-long stretch of graffiti, featuring the wall-breaking Trabant, Thierry Noir’s huge colourful heads, and the most popular (judging by the number of selfies per square instagramic meter) Bruderkuss / Fraternal Kiss between Brezhnev and Honecker.

Berlin’s former division wall, now open-air street art gallery, is far from being anywhere under the radar, and more like “did all the tourists in the city come here at the same time?“-kind-of-place, but it’s a colourful backdrop, it’s unconventional, international, diverse and, more importantly, it’s also a celebration.

Which is what the funky bachelorettes were doing, all smiles and pulling faces.

So thank you, ladies, for a great time and the opportunity to offer you a fun memento of your bachelorette party in Berlin.